PS4 Tips & Tricks to squeeze most out of your Console

Sony’s latest playstation console PS4 is now the best selling gaming console in the market. PS4 has beaten all other consoles on the market like Wii and Xbox one. Looking at the variety of games catalogue available for PS4 shows how diverse its lineup is. Sony has equipped PS4 with many great features that anyone can use. Want to squeeze most out of your PS4 gaming console following are some tips and tricks you really need to know about.

Audio Anytime – Any Headphones

Love playing on your PS4 at night and don’t want others to wakeup because of your gaming sounds? now you can plug any headphones aside from PS4 compatible headphones and tweak the settings from main menu to deliver the game sounds to that headphones.

More space for Storage

Running out of space or don’t want to remove the internal storage drive on your PS4 to replace with a high capacity one? No worries, now you can hook up an external drive to your increase the storage space on your PS4 Console. You can connect an external drive via usb ports and Sony has added the feature to PS4 to treat it as internal drive.

You can remap every button on the DualShock 4

If you are a new gamer you will find it hard to hit the right button at the right time or if you come from Nintendo Switch or Wii U to ps4 console you will always find it hart to press the right buttons. You should be in joy now as Sony now allows you to remap every single button on the DualShock 4. You can set the buttons to the way you like it.

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